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BTS では、独自のネットワークによる安定したサーバー環境を低価格にてご提供しています。既に長年の実績のあるX1X.COMのサービスをご提供します。
Rental Server Service

At BTS, I offer stable server environment by the original network for low price. I already offer service of X1X.COM with the longtime results.

BTS uses an original network and does the use of the server in the latest datacenter of the center Silicon Valley of the IT. I get ready to have you use stable server environment for low price to ASP client in peace.

The Silicon Valley is one of the facility with much connection use worldwide at the center of the obvious IT industry. In the center, the highest digitally optical both interconnect systems are equipped with. The backbone is equipped with the largest line facilities in 100Gbps and U.S.A. The ASP client can build a network having the best long-windedness of the datacenter immediately.

In addition, besides American IDC (datacenter), the introduction of サービサー in South America and the Europe is possible, too.
Please leave the matching of IDC which I matched with the needs of the visitor!
■ The server environment that was connected to a maximum-scale backbone of the Silicon Valley
■ I manage it with the server which is the Heiss peck that can be worthy of the adult site with much access
■ A support system of the relief by the Japanese
■ The customization is freedom, too
I confirm the details of the service 
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BTS corporation prepares all.
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