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海外での法人設立もお任せください。当社は米国カリフォルニア州法人の設立を主に、他州 での海外法人設立サービスを長年に渡って行っています。移民の弁護士から、公認会計士など多くのコネクションを持つ弊社ならではのサービスです。
As for the incorporation in foreign countries, leave it to me in BTS.
I do the help of various overseas juridical people in BTS. I support the best overseas incorporation after serine did hearing and a mosquito of the needs of the visitor yes.

The overseas incorporation is the most important point if I think of global business. I deal with the establishment of the overseas juridical person who matched it with various demand including the establishment of the American juridical person in us. It is the service that is possible simply because it is us which assume the foreign countries network of the strong full-time lawyer and accountant going over to the many aspects by trust and the results that I cultivated a strength for many years.

From assets use and an off sure incorporation suitable for anonymity, it is operative coordination. Overseas deregulation circumstances concerning various service administration and the matching of the visitor.
Advice to the sake to get a big merit by small investment after the retirement and coordination.

The industry that the combination method is and profitable includes the admitted industry a lot in foreign countries though it is bound by the restriction in Japan. There are still a lot of advantages on the ground of the foreign country other than Japan. As one example, it is establishment of the United States corporation.

Even if there is not capital, in the case of an American overseas juridical person, the establishment of the company is possible, and the procedure is simple. I cannot be bound by regulation such as Japan. Of course I can answer South America, various needs in the Europe in BTS including U.S.A.

Acting overseas incorporation(In the case of State of American California)
The following work becomes necessary for the company establishment in foreign countries (State of American California).
  1. The similar business name investigation in the State of California
  2. The making of the register certified copy and application to the state Legal Affairs Bureau
  3. The making of a receipt / the articles of association of the register finished with the registration
  4. Application / the registration of the state government company number
  5. Application / the registration of the federal company number
  6. A corporate kit(A register certified copy / articles of association)
    • A register certified copy
    • Articles of association
    • The others minutes
    • A stock certificate
    • A corporate seal(A company seal)
  7. Account establishment assistance
    • American account establishment
    • Published by check
    • Published by cheque card
  • It usually takes approximately two or three weeks for an incorporation.
  • There is need to have you sign a required document locally later.
  • At the time of the account establishment, a passport corporate kit / a federal company number is necessary.
A lawyer, the introduction of the accountant
In BTS, a lawyer / an international accountant / American certified public accountant / social insurance consultant / licensed tax accountant / financial planner has you use it in what cooperate with various experts in peace a judicial scrivener specialized in public relations (an emigrant).

In addition, I can intermediate between the outsourcing acceptance duties such as various report duties / accounting / salary calculations / social insurance / taxation business.

BTS has you administer foreign countries in peace because it is possibility to cope with various demands / consultation of owner ASP.
An office and the officer election
For the incorporation in the State of American California, an office and a local officer or a register agent (an application agent) are necessary in the State of California.

When I employ a local officer to be able to embrace owner ASP for the registration, a very useless expense occurs. In addition, it is necessary it is visited USA, and to call a person of object together to Japan and will waste valuable time as well as an expense to perform an offer of a position and the interview of the officer in the risk of own.

A rental office and the local officer offer it to be able to promote it for owner ASP effectively if these problems have BTS entrust you.

The setup of the company is very cheap and can perform it smoothly by having you use our service. About the local officer, there is not that I affect ASP administration in what there is at all to be able to hold it for healthy company administration to the last either.
  • I have I drink for the notation such as business cards and use the rental address.
  • When it is used transfer / TEL / FAX of the mail, it costs the extra use charges.
Acting Secretary receptionist duties
Correspondence of a telephone and the FAX which assumed the juridical person of the State of American California a foothold is possible.
  • Inquiry window duties for the owner of the adult site cannot use it.
  • The contract deposit / deposit / use rate of the phone line becomes the actual expenses burden.
    (I will usually sentence you to the withdrawal from a credit card of owner.)
  • (I will usually sentence you to the withdrawal from a credit card of owner)
Maintenance maintenance service
Because a full support supports about the maintenance maintenance service, don't worry. The owner can manage the company for legal efficiency to win in peace while being in Japan.

Update work of every year when a taxation office / Legal Affairs Bureau is obliged to a juridical person after the establishment by the exchanges with the public engine, the receipt of the letter, the State of California is necessary. I take duties for maintenance maintenance separately and have these work in place of owner in us. (Because it takes an expense for optional service separately, please be careful.)

I keep the mail to the juridical person whom the making of an annual registration application obliged to every year by the government and application and owner established.
(Besides extra expense is necessary about mail out of transfer of the mail and fixed form)

※In addition, besides please understand it about the reaccession of the affidavit with the change of the registration contents of the company beforehand because it costs extra expense.
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親切丁寧なカスタマーサポートをご利用下さい。   情報及びデジタル商材(著作物・著作権)の権利証明『米国著作権登録』もお任せください。
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