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BTS なら、インターネットビジネスには欠かす事の出来ない著作権申請も安心してお任せいただくことができます。
American copyright application support

Of the law as the right proof of your information and digital quotient materials (a book / a copyright) it is "American copyright registration" to come into force. The knowledge about the copyright prepares a specialized lawyer and the staff with richness from the experience of many years of the American business, too, and BTS supports your business for cooperation.

Information, the digital quotient materials (a book / a copyright) become the one of the most important problems in the Internet now. A suicidal act can say that I conduct a the Internet business without knowing a copyright. BTS is reliable about the issue of this copyright. I arrange it from the application of the American copyright to registration, the acquisition entirely.
About a copyright
In the first place the copyright occurs automatically at a point in time when a certain person created a book. A copyright occurs at that point when you hit on something to one piece of paper and did it when you wrote a figure and a picture and a sentence. In other words the copyright occurs automatically even if I do not do some kind of registration for the right acquisition like a patent and a trademark. This is common in about 150 countries world joining the Bern Convention including Japan and U.S.A. However, how may you prove that it is your thing even if you say that a copyright occurs automatically?

It is copied by somebody and cannot prove it even if said earlier when it "is the thing of the certain person" even if I can say if different. Therefore it is necessary to have public proof (a book) that I can prove.

The copyright is different from a patent and the trademark rights and I am disappointed, but, for structure without registration duty for right outbreak, do not become "the right outbreak = right proof".
By the development such as reality, the technology, a reproduction and the resale act of the book are very easily possible, and the copyright which should be important property easily has it stolen, and innumerable copies by it and the damage such as the resale, the injury do not cut off the back.
How it will turn out if I cannot prove it even if I understand that your copyright was infringed.

And because "the right occurs without the registration as for the copyright, it is all right" times when I can feel relieved in the business business are over. In BTS, I perform the service I do copyright registration in U.S.A., and to acquire the public proof of the copyright for such a visitor.

In U.S.A., I join the Bern Convention, but I adopt "the principle of method" in substance, and a copyright registration system is established. Because the reason is because it is hard to take a precise opposition step with right proof and swiftness when I took an injury by any chance if there is not the registration of the copyright.

Your information dealer materials recommend that they keep proof published for a duke by all means with a weapon of the business with the economic value if they think. In U.S.A., as for "the registration of the copyright", anyone understands importance and an essential thing for right proof in real business business. For the infringement of the copyright in Japan, I become the greatest weapon when I prove the copyright.

When I took an infringement that the proof of the copyright is published for a duke, that protection in U.S.A. of the intellect fortune developed nation is received is given to the advantage of the American copyright registration.

Like a trial in Japan, it disappears that a plaintiff is bothered with the proof (the proof of the right) of the copyright by performing copyright registration from the above-mentioned thing in U.S.A.

The one by application of the American copyright registration desired of this place refer, and please use a form.
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